Facts & Fallacies
FALLACY: Using non-original inkjet products will void the warranty of your printer

Contrary to claims by the original equipment manufacturers, using any of the Calidad inkjet products WILL NOT VOID any warranty on your printer. In fact, according to the Australian Trade Practices Act, it is illegal for a printer manufacturer to require the consumer to use a particular brand of ink supply. (Australian Market Information)

Calidad guarantee
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FACT: Calidad can save you up to 80%

Whether you are printing color or just black, Calidad alternative cartridges offer a cost saving of up to 50%, while Calidad Refillers can save you up to 80% on the cost of the original manufacturer's cartridges.

FACT: Calidad source only the best inks available

Calidad conducts thorough research and development to produce results comparable to the original manufacturer's product. All inks we use have been carefully tested for their physical and chemical properties, continuity of the printing quality, compatibility with print head and other inks, clarity and color, stability of printing color and stability towards light. In addition, all inks are formulated for each specific Calidad product and are constantly re-evaluated for their compatibility with new printers.

FACT: Our success is proof of our quality

Like any retailer, Calidad relies on repeat purchases, and offering a top quality alternative product at a great price is the key to our ongoing success. We pride ourselves on developing loyal customer relationships by providing reliable, quality Inkjet products which customers come back for time and time again.

FACT: All Calidad products are Guaranteed

If any of our products is found to be faulty, we will replace it - no questions asked. And Calidad guarantees that under normal use, our products will not cause damage or abnormal wear to any printer. However, in the unlikely event your printer is damaged by a Calidad product when used according to Calidad's or the printer manufacturer's instructions, we will repair or replace your printer at our cost. (Australian Market Only)

Calidad guarantee
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FACT: There is a reliable, affordable alternative

The Inkjet consumables business is a rapidly growing market and that means big business to the original manufacturers who supply and sell expensive cartridges and refills. Since 1994 Calidad has been producing an alternative range of high quality, affordable and totally compatible Inkjet cartridges and refills for all major printer makes and models. Our reason for existence is to save consumers money on expensive Inkjet consumable products.

FACT: Calidad is Australia's No. 1 compatible supplier

After years of thorough research and development, Calidad manufactures and sells the widest range of Inkjet cartridges and refills for every major Inkjet printer on the market. And today, Calidad is Australia's No. 1 supplier of professional quality alternative Inkjet products, with over 3,000 dealers across the country.

FACT: Calidad delivers superb print quality

Calidad inks have been researched and perfected to give you a brilliant result every time. Calidad Inkjet cartridges and Refillers consistently produce vibrant colors and dark, crisp blacks - at a fraction of the cost of the original manufacturer's products. Calidad compatible cartridges have the same capacity as the original manufacturer's cartridge, and the print quality is also sharp, clear and consistent. See for yourself.

Original Ink.
Orig. Cartridge Canon
Black & Color
Calidad Ink.
Calidad 937-TRIO
& 937-BK SOLO
The above pictures have been reproduced from actual print samples printed on a Canon BJC-4310 SP Printer.
FACT: Using Calidad cartridges and Refillers is quick and easy

By utilising the latest technology, Calidad's innovative packaging makes installing cartridges or using refills, both quick and easy. Calidad Refillers come in unique, durable, soft plastic bottles - so you can just squeeze and save! And the cartridges are simply installed into your printer the same way as the original. All Calidad products also include user-friendly, easy-to-follow instructions specific to the design of each individual printer. So there's no mess and no wastage, because every product has been developed to work with the minimum of fuss.